We believe that with the shrinking differentiation from enterprise software, "Social Media", "Mobility", "Analytics" and "Cloud Computing" is the frontier to create strategic advantage for businesses.We embrace and evangelize evidence/data based decision making for creating value for Businesses. We apply eclectic disciplines and methods to business problems that enhance operational efficiencies, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness

We provide Digital Transformational Consulting, Product Engineering and System Integration Services to our customers with focus on technical areas of SMAC. We combine both domain and technical knowledge in solving business problems by bleeding edge technologies that enable outcome driven data and analytical solutions.

Our core team has people with a minimum of Masters degree from the best schools in the world. They bring decades of extensive global experience in Financial, Retail and Manufacturing Industries. Our technical team specializes in Open Source BI ( Pentaho and Talend), Big Data including Hadoop Frameworks (Hadoop, HBase, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Mahout), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDb, Neo4j), DW Appliances(greenplum, Netezza) and Analytics ( Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis using R), Cloud Computing and Mobile Application Development.

What Do We Do

Our Consulting offering comes with expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure Business value attainment. We specialize in High level architecture, platform and design consulting for a large scale Data Processing, Digital Enterprise transformations, Transformational Program planning in Data Science and Analytics.

Our Product Engineering offerings comes with expertise in developing product using cutting edge technologies - Web and Mobile Applications. We not only envision the product, but also execute the entire product development life cycle. We would, in some cases co-create and work modalities during monetization of the application.

Our Solutions offerings come with a framework/Toolkits for solving challenges in a specific vertical or a domain. They would work on large datasets, variety of data structure and/or latency.

Our Product, ZettaMine is a Rapid development platform and covers the gamut of Data Science services - Data gathering, Cleansing and transformation, Wranging and Munging, Analyzing using various methods - Natural Language Processing, Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning, and Visulaization.


Be a powerhouse of cutting edge technologies
that deliver superior solutions to customers


  • Create Values

    • Increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Prioritize and achieve Goals and Objectives.
    • Search new and Improved methods.
  • Innovate

    • Build an extraordinary place to work.
    • Create new solutions and be open to possibilities.
    • Search relentlessly for new and improved methods.
  • Execute

    • Focus relentlessly on Business outcomes.
    • Act decisive, do what is right and take risks.
    • Persist till the goals are achieved