We believe that with the shrinking differentiation from enterprise software due to the changes and advances in computing, algorithms and data. Digital frontiers are creating strategic advantage for businesses. We embrace and evangelize evidence/data based decision making for creating value for Businesses. We apply eclectic disciplines and methods to business problems that enhance operational efficiencies, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness.

We provide Digital Transformational Consulting, Product Engineering and System Integration Services to our customers with focus on digital technologies such as AI/ML, Big Data, RPA and full stack application development. We combine both domain and technical knowledge in solving business problems by these bleeding edge technologies that enable outcome driven data and analytical solutions.

Our technical team specializes in Big Data including Hadoop Frameworks (Hadoop, HBase, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Mahout), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDb, Neo4j), Analytics ( Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning), Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation (Blue Prism, UiPath) and full stack (MondoDB, NodeJS, express and AnjularJS) development.

What we do?

  • Education

    We provide superior learning experience using real-life use cases in bleeding edge technologies.

  • Solutions

    We build quantitative solutions to help Enterprises harness their data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Products

    We develop performant, secure and scalable enterprise applications using full stack leveraging the cloud.


Be a powerhouse of cutting edge technologies
that deliver superior solutions to customers

  • Innovate

    • Build an extraordinary place to work.
    • Create new solutions and be open to possibilities.
    • Search relentlessly for new and improved methods.
  • Execute

    • Focus relentlessly on Business outcomes.
    • Act decisive, do what is right and take risks.
    • Persist till the goals are achieved