Big Data

Enterprise are deluged with data irrespective of the industry sector-from health care and financial services to retail and manufacturing. In this voluminous data, lies business insights, opportunities and potential success drivers. Leveraging this Data is a daunting task. We understand challenge part is combining everything and making sense out of it. We also are cognizant of the competitive advantage this data can yield. Our competencies lie in Relational Databases, NewSQL systems, Non-relational systems like NoSQL databases and large scale processing systems like Hadoop. We are conversant with varieties of Data Structures, Data latencies and volumes of data for acquisition, integration, assimilation and processing.

There are various technologies that address the challenges of Big Data.

  • Distributed storage and processing (Hadoop and MapReduce)
  • Low latency non-relational database ( Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB)
  • Streams and complex event processing (Flume, Splunk, Sumologic)
  • Specialty data types (MarkLogic, Neo4j, FlockDB)
  • In-memory DB and processing ( VoltDB, SAP HANA, QlikView)
  • Analytics DB and appliances (Netezza, Teradata, Greemplum)

Service Offerings

PoC and Pre-Pilots

We define future-state vision and cloud service models for migration to the cloud.

  • Demonstrate the potential value of big data investments through a proof of concept.

Strategy Road map

The roadmapping will involve collecting Inventory available data, how it's structured, what value it offers, and how to validate it for use, so you can prioritize your asset utilization. This documents the opportunities available to you through big data and how they align to your strategic priorities, helping you to build the business case. This service is aimed at showing how to make better, more informed business decisions in real time, using sophisticated analysis of multiple data sources. The outcomes expected with this service is business becoming more flexible to market changes through real time data analysis.

We determine which business and IT assets are most suited for cloud migration and identify business‑relevant cloud services.

  • DW Rationalization/Simplification
  • Portfolio analysis ( Systems, reports, ETLs)
  • High-level Project Planning
  • Scoping for unstructured requirements
  • Requirements and Prioritization and Estimation

Data Engineering

Data is kept in spreadsheets and log files, information embedded in photos, videos, tweets and emails, or streams of data from connected devices, sensors and machines; we've been surrounded by vast quantities of data for a long time. Competitive and market pressures have transformed that information from this in these multi-structure data into a new competitive opportunity. Our Data Engineering offering is geared towards achieving this end.

  • Data Integration,ETL, data Munging and Transformation.
  • Unstructured/Structured Data Processing
  • Modeling Data -- Using Standard Techniques
  • Develop map reduce code, transformations, custom code

Data Integration Services

  • Search & Document Indexing
  • Hadoop/NoSQL Development and Maintenance
  • Data warehouse augmentation
  • Planning and Setting up Clusters and NoSQL
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning
  • Configuration Management (Dev/Test/Prod)
  • Administration functions for NoSQL/Hadoop
  • Job Workflow control and Breakfix

Analytics Modeling and Implementation:

In an increasingly quantitative, digital world, everything is, or will be, recorded or counted. You need to find value in that data, spotting the seemingly unrelated patterns in data, mining and refining it, to create insights with commercial value. Business Analytics is the solution that turns the promise of big data into a source of practical, continuing insights to improve organizational performance.

  • Analytics (Machine Learning, Statistical Programming, Text Mining).
  • Algorithm development
  • Reports/Visualizations

Solution Architecture and Design:

We will utilize our accelerators and pre-built components to our solution design. We approach a complex analytical problem by understanding the business imperatives and algorithmic feasibility, model performance goals and a multitude of factors such a s robustness of the solution, performance and scalability of the solution etc.,

  • Architecture, Design and Performance
  • Solution Architecture and Design
  • Performance assessments and improvement roadmap
  • Technology Architecture (Loosely coupled systems, Data Appliance, Cloud?)
  • Code assessment
  • Artifact Reuse
  • Recommend Tool Best practices and Standards

Technology Architecture and Selection:

Technology Selection is a vital process a company must employ to acquire modern information technology that will drive business process and business performance improvement. Selecting and implementing a new technology is one of most disruptive to an enterpise, but its success hinges on matching the right technology to the achievement of critical business goals. We specialize in the methodology and tools that are necessary to properly assess candidate technologies that leverages independent market research, ensuring that the technology selection is unbiased and long lasting.

We also provide Emerging Technology Advisory in considering whether an Open Source vs Commercial software is appropriate for a given solution, or a recommendation on; if a particular software be Build vs. Bought be it Packaged, Industrial Models or Custom software.

Anomaly detection:

Anomaly detection or outlier detection is the identification of objects, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or expected business rules. These techniques can detect fraud, a structural defect or medical problems etc.


Our team has a repertoire of various recommenders and ranking/scoring algorithms. Most Data products such as ?Whom you may know?, ?Who also bought?, ?Followers?, ?trending topics? and ?Relevant Information? Consolidators.

Socail Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis and Community Detection these techniques are used to identify various networks to uncover terrorists or communities (entities have a shared feature sets), affinities between various entities. These are important in establishing linkages in various fields such as crime detection, influence identification and fraud detection.

Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems providing suggestions for items to be of use to a user. These are essentially reducing the vast choices/alternatives generally available to for a user purpose and filter those that are most relevant. These are generally powerful ways to create most relevant, personalized content to a user or a purpose.

Entity Extraction and resolution

Entity identification and extraction results in identifying things such as persons, places and organizations. Entity extraction can add a wealth of semantic knowledge to the content to help quickly understand the subject of the text. This is useful in network analysis and Master Data Management.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity of a document by the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics.

CoE Services aims at IT Service Provides whose Big Data Practices are either to be set up or in nascent stages. We provide an extensive array of core services required my these organizations to grow their Businesses with the existence Clientele. The following Outcomes Delivered

  • System Performance Improvement
  • Reducing the Cost Of Quality
  • Improved Team Skills/productivity

Technical Reviews and Health Checks:

  • Evaluation, Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Current Landscape Assessment
  • Performance Diagnostic ( DB, ETL, OLAP)
  • Enterprise Application/ Portfolio Assessment

Proficiency Development:

  • Competency measurement
  • Trainings Needs analysis
  • Lateral cross-training
  • Greenfield training
  • Enabling certifications

Sourcing Support:

  • Interview guides
  • Interviewer training and empanelment
  • Support Recruitment / Referral drives
  • Weekend support
  • Interview bandwidth support

Expert On Demand:

  • Estimation support and Reviews
  • Project health-check
  • Technical Reviews
    • Architecture assessmenti
    • Code assessment
    • Tool best practices and Standards
  • Data Quality assessments
  • Performance assessments and improvement roadmap
    • Performance Diagnostic ( DB, ETL, OLAP)
  • Portfolio analysis ( systems, reports, ETLs)
  • Design workshops and latest techniques

Virtual CoE Labs:

  • Sand Boxes for Anaytics - to build competencies
  • Support Solution accelerators that complement BI products
  • Support Idea Incubation labs and develop PoCs
  • Understand and drive adoption of new technology/tools
  • Create BI point solutions for industry/domain specific areas
  • Improve our Solutioning capability
  • Develop tool evaluations and help create benchmarks