AI Services

We bring comprehensive, quantitative approach and innovation to our end to end Advisory and Consulting Services which are envisioned to help customers harness their data assets into information, and transform the information gained into business insights, thus turning data resources into a source of sustainable competitive advantage. We understand, changing the mindset of stakeholders require various agents; critical amongst them are knowledge dissemination, demonstration and creation of value, learning from case studies and best practices. Our advocacy initiatives achieve this through extensive community engagement with Product vendors, IT Service providers, Institutions and Industry bodies.fvbsdb


  • Analytics Strategy

    Provides a time-tested analytics envisioning approach to help customers create a road-map for their needs, keeping in mind the business needs, technology fit and implementation feasibility.

  • Buisness Case Building

    Our eclectic valuation approaches such as Return on Investment (ROI) calculator, a comprehensive tool that eases the cost-benefit analysis, helps in quickly building a future-proof business case for any substantial investments in Analytics infrastructure & technologies. Scoping for unstructured requirements is where our consultants revel and bring incredible value to the customer analytics roadmaps and makes the achieving break through outcomes possible

    • Business Discovery
    • Business Case development
    • Business Alignment
  • Performance Engineering

    The connection between application success and business success are inextricably intertwined in the digital systems of the current generation of technologies. In Big data Analytics, as the syetms are becoming more responsive, the earlier batch oriented systems are undergoing a tremendous push towards becoming low latency sytems. Thus, this entails not only ensuring performance improvement of an architectural component but also lineage of systems to ensure the SLAs a business demands.