CoE Services

Depending on the vertical and the phase of business growth, the needs of Analytics priorities could be myriad. Typically, large enterprises could benefit from increasing the cost or process efficiencies; SMEs from customer acquisitions, revenue increases or profitable growth. The analytical asymmetry will be accentuated in the future as businesses become more analytically aware. The divide will increase between laggards and innovators, so are their profits and market share.

Analytics is a “business capability” that can deliver high performance and increase competitiveness. For those IT leaders, who have traditionally used to managing IT as a cost function, there is an immediate need for corrective action and do a catch up by means of establishing CoEs and thus “leap frogging’ their journey in analytics. They have a unique opportunity to the benefit of adopting state of the art architectures rather then re-architecting archaic BI/Analytical architectures that existed. For those who have lagged behind can take hear from the fact that we no longer have to experiment with “what works” or what doesn’t work; there is enough body of knowledge available that gives the direction on the best practices and methods from thousands of Big Data Analytics implementations across the globe. We will have to learn from them.

CoE Services aims primarily at small and medium size IT Service Provides and captives who’s Big Data Practices or CoEs are either to be set up or in nascent stages. We provide an extensive array of core services required by these organizations to grow their Businesses with the existence Clientele.

  • Provide Point of Views
  • Due-diligence
  • Solution Architecture and Design for RFPs
  • Scoping for unstructured requirements
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Project Risk assessment
  • High-level Project Planning
  • Requirements Prioritization and Estimation

  • Competency measurement
  • Trainings needs analysis
  • Lateral cross-training
  • Greenfield training
  • Design workshops and latest techniques and tools

We help create an extended team of well trained engineers, on demand, to meet the spurts in client’s project needs. This offering is attractive to SMBs since they can outsource development and management of components for which they do not have skills or bandwidth. In this engagement model, the customer eliminates the overhead of building teams inhouse and maintaining “bench” strength

Build Sand Boxes

  • Support Solution accelerators that complement
  • Analytical products
  • Support Idea Incubation and develop PoCs
  • Understand and drive adoption of new technology/tools
  • Create frameworks and toolkits
  • Create Analytical point solutions for industry/domain specific areas
  • Improve Solutioning capability
  • Develop tool evaluations and help create benchmarks
  • Thought leadership
    • Developing Case Studies
    • Develop roadmap for Accelerators and frameworks