Governor monitors the availability, performance, resources, and security of underlying platforms for the resources that are configured. A workflow resource mapping and its ability to finish the job is estimated before a model is run. Governor is equiped with diagnozing and predicting problems with heterogeneous components. Governort is equipped with security of the solution models (including managing multiple Worksheets), administering security, and configuring necessary components and software.

Governor's core functions include :

  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with Components.
  • integrate new technologies or identify conflicts.
  • Performing routine health checks systems and software.
  • Managing Users and their Roles/Previleges.

Data Science is a multidisciplinary approach to solve business problems using data which are both structured and unstructured, irrespective of the size and latency of Data. Data Science involves solving data problems in an agile way as against a strict adherence to a serial process like data extraction, cleansing, analysis and visualization. The acceleration of data science in the Industry is possible with a unified development platform. One of the main requisites for such a platform is its ability to schedule workflows, run jobs, monitor progress, analyze computing resources consumed, trouble shoot errors and exceptions. A Governor module is developed to enforce security (authorization and authentication), availability of various resources, and performance monitoring.