Practice Areas

Data Science is about making sense of large amounts of messy data, using it to model and solve complex problems, and presenting the compelling solutions by "telling a story with data." It draws up skills and knowledge from different disciplines - Data engineering, math and statistics, modeling and programming, visualization - aided by deep domain expertise. To expect a single person to have this expertise is unrealistic. Generally, this taklent is pooled as data science teams. Generally, the team composition could be Programmers use statistical software and other contemporary tools to build analytical models and present the results.Data Preparers spend most of their time acquiring data and selecting, combining, and organizing it for use, plus doing some analytics on it. Generalists do a bit of everything, including working with business people to frame problems and discuss analyses, and advising or pitching in on data preparation and programming. Managers provide direction and resources, participate in analytics design and interpretation, and do most of the presentation of results.

Our team has several with different level of skill sets, experience and knowledge to form Data Science teams. We have ability to put together a full-stack Data Science Team.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping automation of desktop and web application processes. Enterprises are rapidly adopting RPA bots to relieve corporate workers from the tasks that are repetitive, tedious and involve processing data as per some standard set of rules; thereby enabling them to focus on higher value work. RPA has already made a huge impact in the Finance and Insurance sectors, and in near future its presence will become omnipresent from Consumer to Healthcare sector.

We to help enterprises in their automation initiatives. We are conversant with multiple RPA tools, and provide end to end services from defining the strategy to continuous improvement & innovation, implementation, automation, integration and support.

In the world that is evolving rapidly, our developers adapt and are quick footed with polyglot programming paradigms and frameworks. With each business domain needing robust and scalable web solutions there is an ever-growing demand for interactive web designs and applications. Angular JS is a reliable web application development framework to meet this demand. With a team of web developers having expertise in different versions of Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON, Node.js, Bootstrap and other related frameworks we provide solutions that are not only robust and scalable, but ensure compliance with JS markups and easy adaptability.

Enterprise are deluged with data irrespective of the industry sector-from health care and financial services to retail and manufacturing. In this voluminous data, lies business insights, opportunities and potential success drivers. Leveraging this Data is a daunting task. We understand challenge part is combining everything and making sense out of it. We also are cognizant of the competitive advantage this data can yield. Our competencies lie in Relational Databases, NewSQL systems, Non-relational systems like NoSQL databases and large scale processing systems like Hadoop. We are conversant with varieties of Data Structures, Data latencies and volumes of data for acquisition, integration, assimilation and processing.