Solution Studio

Solution Studio is a Analytical Modeling environment that democratizes the use of analytical methods to solve a wide range of business problems. It integrates eclectic problem solving in a holistic environment.Provides a comprehensive resources of models, statistics, outputs, validation results, etc.It allows you to compare iterations for model effectiveness. Be it, descriptive, interactive, predictive or a prescriptive analytics, this studio performs the complete workflow of pre-model processing to iterative model building and evaluation. It provides many pre-processing capabilities for filtering of text, frequency and relationship analysis, text categorization and topic modeling. Auto-Analyzer discovers concealed relationships between variables and capture summary metrics.


ZettaMine is a comprehensive platform that would allow users to focus on creating insights, rather than the minutiae of working with data. This platform helps lower the barrier for companies using data effectively. It helps data scientists not only process big data and but also perform advanced Data Analysis all in a single platform enabling rapid development of Data Applications.

Its Architecture strongly focuses on 'end-to-end' model/workflow management, continuous learning from Model execution ( intrinsic to the Engine). We use best of the breed utilities and packages of Python and R as backend and is transparent to the user. We envisage this platform to a Best Practice data Science Platform for Enteriprise Data Science applications.