SWIFT Framework

SoftWare Implementation for Faster Transformations (SWIFT) Framework

Our Solutions uses an integrated set of components - Tangrettes to increase the reliability, quality, speed, and predictability of technology engagements through

Jump start the project and accelerate all phases

Efficient assessment of a Transformation

Identify and reduce high risk areas

Reduce project cost and effort

Define long-term business value

The SWIFT is accomplished through SOA Based solution components called “tangrettes”

Solutions Architectures:

These provide conceptual architecture blueprints and guidelines connected with real platform and system solutions to guide architects and developers on building proven, robust solutions.

Delivery Metrics:

Provide a core set of metrics to measure key engagement delivery processes.

Solution Methods:

A comprehensive set of methods that guide teams through tasks and activities involved with delivering value through solutions and services

Solution Tangrettes:

A recommended toolset, comprised of vendor-provided tools and internally-developed Tangrettes, designed to address key points across the development life cycle and support end-to-end solutions delivery.