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Optimize your spend on Cloud using our Smart Solutions

Implementing DevOps is extremely important to stay competitive and deliver continuous value to customers. Our services target the key areas where organizations are struggling to implement DevOps and provides the right solutions and knowledge base to accelerate the adoption of Continuous ’X’ practices for organizations. With a combination of the functionality offered in Cloud COpS and a set of DevOps and Cloud gurus, focused on helping teams leapfrog through the pitfalls of implementing DevOps through self learning.


Automated Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud & DevOps Transformation Services

We Provide End to End Life Cycle Management Service for Public Cloud. Provisioning, Registration and Discovery Monitoring Security Sustenance Server less lifecycle management.

Automated Cost Controls

Reduced spend on infrastructure is one of the primary reasons organizations are migrating to cloud. Cloud COpS provides you all means to efficiently manage cost on cloud. By using Cloud COpS, you will be following a proven cloud cost management strategy and will be leveraging the pay per use model of cloud in the best way possible.
Our solutions will enable you to

– Identify and get rid of wastage on cloud
– Identify areas of bringing down cost based on usage
– Create a long term saving strategy by our recommendation engine

Categorical Cloud Security

A common concern many organizations have while migrating or operating on cloud is securing their assets on the cloud. All cloud providers recommend a shared security model which brings a lot of responsibility on the users themselves. Cloud COpS provides is based on industry standard cloud security best practices and ensure security becomes an inherent part of your cloud environment.

Cloud Compliance and Governance

Compliance on cloud can be divided into two parts.

There are regulatory bodies and frameworks which most organizations need to adhere with for their business services to be safe for consumption. Understanding how the guidelines recommended by these bodies is not an easy task and many companies struggle with this.
Secondly, there are internal processes and guidelines that the organizations lay out for themselves based on their IT standards and requirements.

We have baked compliance into our Cloud COpS solution and provide real time assessment of a cloud environment against multiple compliance standards and address both these requirements.

Cloud Inventory and Automated Backups/DR

The ease of use and the agility cloud provides can prove to be tricky to handle if there is no effective inventory management system implemented. Having the ability to get deep insights into the different static, dynamic and transient resources running in your cloud environment is important to run cloud effectively. Ensuring that the backups of these assets are happening is even more important.
Cloud COpS has a unique offering in this space which does a dynamic discovery of resources on cloud and allows you the capability to perform different types of checks to ensure there is controlled chaos in your cloud environments. A default backup and DR strategy is deployed for your assets on cloud to have the ability for a recovery from any unexpected event that might occur.

Cost Governance

Optimize Your Spend on Cloud Using Our Smart Solutions

Cloud Security

Realtime Threat Detection and Security Management

Cloud Reliability

Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Compliance

Realtime Audit and Compliance Scans

Cloud & DevOps Transformation Services

We Provide End to End Life Cycle Management Service for Public Cloud

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